Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rabid wolf infestation

Here we have a male rabid wolf:

As you can see, he takes up most of the bottom of a pint Mason jar. Full-grown, he'd take up all of the bottom of a quart jar, if not a half-gallon.

We know he's male because of the dark front legs, though usually I perpetuate the oppression of the patriarchy by calling most animals of unknown gender "him," including all three of our hermit crabs despite the statistical unlikelihood.

Anyway, this particular guy showed up in our bedroom Sunday. This morning, I retrieved either an identical one or the same one from the kiddo's bedroom. Son is becoming more acclimated - this time he didn't run screaming (as my husband put it, further perpetuating said patriarchy) like a little girl, just hollered "Mom, spider" while trying to keep the highly-predatory dachshund from noticing it.

If he or one of his kin turns up again, I'm (1) marking him so I know if it's the same one next time and (2) finally getting around to re-caulking the front door to try to prevent a next time. They're mostly harmless, but I think with one dog (male), one cat (male), one snake (male), and three hermit crabs (assumed male), we have enough of a zoo. And a patriarchy.

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